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These are careful steps
careful careful steps
Pass on the risk
pass on the risk when you climb
CAREFUL DROWNING! Take all the care when you decide to DROWN
careful drowning
Where do you sit for a coffee
I bet they have used some Online Language Translation Tool
Another Funny Chinese translation
Please don't leave your PERSONAL STAFF left un-attended.
personal staff.jpg
For those who can become a Person's kid, the ticket is just 5 Yens.
person's kid
I wonder why the Chinese try to translate everything to Chinglish
prohibited to be diverted
No running!
Form fall accidence
Your comment please
ancient to pack photo
This is a bacteria hotel.
ancient to pack photo
If you become hard walk slowly.
become hard
Enjoy in the big hall
enjoy big hall
Beware of the bricks
brick in front of you
Bump the road but be careful when you bump.
bump the road
Wow! what generosity..
carfully slip and fall down
Chicken of your mother... what do they mean?
chicken of ur mother
Try this new child beer.
child beer
Good to see a civilized airport atleast now..
Oh! this is too long. How could they extend the day?
open 8.30 to 25.00
Truely Chinese! They serve snakes with coffee..
coffee and snake
Do they mean that when u take a printout the oroginal color will be lost?
color loser
If you are really dangerous, I better be careful with you....
The child is the boss here and he issues orders.
child forbids playing
What has this ancient photo got to do with drinking beer?
drink beer
They are truely kind hearted.
fall into the water carefully
Some suicide spot I guess...
fall to river
Bridge fatal drawing painting...... too confusing
Bridge fatal drawing painting
Flash water after use..
flash water after use
How do you describe your food?
Inconvenience highly regretted

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