Is he selling stale food? Check out before you proceed..
Past Food
Try these new Nudles with your Sunflower oil
Try these new AIR FRIES, better than French Fries
Air Fries
How do you like ANJAL fish PRY It's available only in Golden GATE Bar-N-PUBBAR
Anjal Fish Pry

We serve PORK, HAM and also BEFF

One beach resort has Multi-Cushion restaurant and is offering Round the room clock service
Multi-Cushion restaurant & Round the room clock service

This restaurent is giving away free BOTTEL OF BEARS with every meal.
Bottle of bears

Food Point specialists in CHAINEES and THY Food. Thank God! They are atleast not cooking Thigh food
chainees and thy food

Chainese Lunch'- from a Hyderabadi Englisbabu

Butter and Chees

The hero plays the role of a chicken in this movie
Chicken role

Please enjoy delicious JAPAN. And the next thing will be a war with Japan for trying to eat Japan
Delicious Japan

Try the new ITEMES in the menu

Hey! Mouth watering delicacies. You can eat LOBTER, SHTIMP and also CHIKEN
Lobter & Chiken

Has anybody tasted Mutton CHAPS
Mutton Chaps

Have you planned your tea?
plan tea

Try this new Chinese dish! RISE MANCHURIAN
Rise Manchurian

Have you tasted Rose CUKIE and MIKCHER. You can find this great combination only in Bangalore.
rose cukie and mikcher

Chicken Leg Peas
Leg peas

New Italian dish SPAGGHETTEY. Where do they serve this

Have you tried this new STRABERRy flavour Ice Cream?

TASTLY and HOMELY Food! only at Nandni Mess, Bangalore
tastly and homely

This is SINGAL tea like the earlier SINGAL room
tea singal

This is vegitarian is from Kerala.

Large Chesse Pizza only on Tuesday and WENDESDAY

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