And who is this?... GENTELMAN..... I know the answer. It's Arjun.
Do not miss the GRAN OPPENING of our new Restaurant
Gran Oppening

Who are these growitng Kids

Hey! Check out for new HAIR STAILs
hair Stail

Have you heard about the New Holiday Bizzare around the Street corner. It's open Saturday and Sunday.

Even this great leader is not spared. They have HONERED him too.

This guy claims that he can shoot kids, and that too on prior appointment.
I shoot kids

What do they mean by all this imflowing. Poor little cats!

Need to check your Grammer.....apostrophe
I'ts back

Photo JOURLISM. This is what we can expect from their Photo Journalism.

Please attend this session and become Financially Litercate

Office Space for rent in Maharaja CHEMBERS

Find MINATURE Tigers in this Show and how about Mininature Tigers

This is the Office of our New Medical Superintendent. It is called M.S Office

Do not try to be an expert in English. Do not experiment with apostrophies
New's Paper's

If you NO PARK you get Blesings from God.
No Park


Who is this OBMA and why do they say stop the CIVOL war. What kind of Pain is campain
Obma Covil

Yes we want English to be made Americs's Offical Language

5th Anniversary and Grand oppening

Read this Ad twice before you PERPARE your child for for this college. Don't spoil your kid's future

Though there are no misspellings,It sounds funny
This month's special 'No Fuel'

This is the latest in Photocopying. It's PLAN Paper Xerox
Plan xerox

Anybody out there who can PLUCK TREES?
Pluck Trees

We all know how well you can teach us.

Hey! Do you know that the Public bar is Not open because it is closed
Not open because it is closed

Please have RASPACT and don't stamp on the door mat

Our store is under REMODE LING and will open soon
Remode Ling

RESTRANT Maya Terrace is now open

Guess why UTI bank had to change it's name to Axis? Coz it employed a SALSE Executive
salse Executives

Tasting Glass's can be purchased SEPERATELY
Tasting seperatly

They are all kinds of repairing, even SHOOES and SWITCASEs

How many SINGAL rooms do you need. We have many SINGAL rooms in B.lore

Please help me to read this board. I am exhausted.
snaks,coffy avealaval

You can hear their solutions for your computer problems. Some kind of Helpdesk.
solution is hear

They are not sorry for the Inconvenience but are SORRY OF INCONVIENCE.
Sorry of

They can replace your car wheels with STARRING wheels.
Starring wheels

STRICKLY for for Ladies No men allowed

Avail the services of the most educated Notary
Educate Notary

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